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I have been working on a series of drawings that will be part of the narrative of my upcoming film "art+belief". The film has been taking quite a bit of my creative energy lately and I'm thrilled to see it nearing completion. There's more at the link below.

Also, I have had tremendous interest in my painting, "Conversation with the Master" after it was featured, and beautifully described, in Patrick Q. Mason's recent book, "Planted". Prints of this painting are available for $45, or sets of 6 greeting cards for $15, which includes shipping in the US. To order, fill out the contact form as you scroll down below.


I’m beginning a new series of paintings for an upcoming show at Modern West Fine Art in 2022. Wrestling with all that is going on in the world right now, as we all are.

Thrilled to announce that Purdie Distribution will be releasing my documentary about the Art+Belief artists in theaters January 7th. Watch for updates to follow!

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Nathan Florence

Painter, Artist, Director, Producer

about Nathan Florence

I’ve always loved to draw. When I was a kid I would put my sketchbooks aside for doing drawings that were really good, which means they remained blank most of the time. I didn’t want to run out of paper so I drew on everything else; my shoes, my pants, the door of my bedroom, the walls, etc. This wasn’t that important as my career aspirations at the time went from being a rock star (I discovered my Dad’s Buddy Holly and Beatles records and played along on the guitar I made out of giant Tinkertoys) to being a reconstructive surgeon (thank you PBS) and architect. I grew up in Denver and then Salt Lake City, leaving for the east to go to Swarthmore College and thinking I would never be back. Moving on and up. I studied engineering thinking I would be an industrial designer and loved the projects, but when I found out I didn’t need the degree to be a designer I switched my focus to a pre-med track taking art classes on the side. The design and surgery directions appeared to be roundabout ways to do art in a more practical (and dramatic) way.

With some sage advice and a great professor/mentor I dropped the pre-med studies, well into my study of organic chemistry and physics, and switched to studying art full time. Somehow in spite of finding my inspiration in music, films and pictures being an artist didn’t seem like it was a valid career choice. It seemed to run into conflict with some sort of puritan work ethic I had in my head. I think it feels too much like playing to be legitimate work, probably another reason I didn’t go with rock star either.

My definition of what it means to be an artist has expanded from traditional drawing and painting to include community activism and education and is still expanding. My current projects include painting commissions, directing a documentary and being an artist in residence at a charter school that has an art and project learning emphasis.

I was drawn back to Salt Lake City by the siren song of the mountains. I live with my wife/muse, Marian, and our two ridiculously amazing kids and live in the 9th and 9th area.


I paint mainly in oil, often on patterned cloth. The patterns in the cloth come through the paint to varying degrees and are symbolically related to the patterns and textures that hold our lives together individually and bind us together culturally.


I am currently directing a documentary film called Art and Belief about a group of Mormon artists as they strive to find balance between their faith and their art.


My understanding of what it means to be an artist also includes active involvement in community and social issues. I often address these issues in my paintings, but I am also involved in local institutions, education and politics.

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